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>> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is a special edition of the "bbc world news america from brazil." it is the biggest economic power house in south america but can brazil build its future without investing? questions about air safety after a plane bound for mount everest crashes after takeoff. and we meet a writer from rita -- rider from rio who is starting a new trend.
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welcome to "bbc world new america" from brazil. this mitropoulos behind me is a country that is reverberating in economic growth. brazil recently overtook the united kingdom to become the sixth largest economy. perhaps it is no wonder that the british prime minister has come to town to drum up trade. he is leading a delegation and in the past few hours, he met with the president in the capital. but brazil faces many challenges. there are signs that its economic growth is slowing and inflation is on the rise. when it comes to education, brazil ranks 53rd in the world. it is an issue the country needs to address so it can seize its momentum not be left on the sideline. and downtown, there are throwing up the buildings at a dizzying pace. but it takes more than muscle to
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lift the country. all of this prosperity was built on natural resources but of the country wants to do more than supply commodities to china, it needs human helped to. >> you will not find many skilled workers on the streets. it is here in the poor neighborhoods, not far from the business district, that you find that challenge. if this country ever wants to develop from an emerging economy, it is going to have to do a better job educating its population. gdp but the six largest and blow in education. >> she is an education campaign and fighting vested interest to change those figures. >> the political issue in
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brazil, there are 2 million voters that can decide an election. it is very hard to make changes. >> it is time for school in this neighborhood. this is the second session of the day. brazil has done a good job getting more children into the education system that now there are not enough schools is like many, this one runs three ships. it is progress. a lot of the children come from families that hardly had any education. this boy says his mother only studied until fourth grade and he is not sure but maybe his father made it to fit. this girl is determined to go all the way through college and says studying is the path for the future. that ambition and gives her a challenge. her own training was minimal.
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she stepped into her first-class room with no practical experience and it was terrifying. with minimal resources, this school is trying hard but if it cannot provide the skilled work force to satisfy the demands of the economy, brazilian companies will look elsewhere for labor. >> it is a big, busy city. >> they will look for people like this person working as a head hunter. >> brazil has a huge demand of technical professionals to fight for the growth of the country. the problem is not to construct, it is when you need to construct a more complex construction, for example, a dam or a highway. >> or even a world cup stadium.
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for the big games in 2014, they're building a showcase to the future. it needs educated brazilians to make that future success. and what an impressive stadium it is. can brazil build that an educated workforce? i am joined by the professor of economics. thank you for joining me. do you think it is possible for brazil to do what it needs to educate its workforce? >> it is possible to do it. the a brazilian workforce is not very well educated. the quality of education is low. but it is possible to improve our education by investing our resources. we should improve the performance of our teachers. >> wages are very low, $10,000 a
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year. >> they are very low. in order to improve the situation, we need to lead the way of the performance. but teachers that are there every day doing a good job, they're getting better paid and improving in their career. if you pay everyone the same, there is no way they're going to put more effort. >> let's put this in the context of the other brics. order they doing that brazil is not doing? >> there is the example of china, for example. people think shanghai has done with very well. those other emerging economies are growing a lot based on productivity. brazil has been growing by employing more people but now unemployment is very low. the only way we can grow further in the future is by improving our productivity.
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in order to do that we have to introduce new innovation and technology. the only way to do that is having a more qualified work force. >> i want to put to use something one economist said to me, which is that you can account for brazil's growth rate recently with one word, that is china. is that sustainable? >> that is not really sustainable in the long run. china will continue to grow at this rate. in order to grow, brazil has to do something on their own. we have to do our own homework. that is investing in the quality of education, improving our systems. the productivity has been stagnant. >> i want to put a different point of view to you. i have been here a few days and you live here.
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it does not feel like the city in the grips of an economic slowdown. i see people in the streets. people are spending money. this feels like a confident country. >> we are confident. the prospective of growth is reasonable. we are going to grow. the question is, how fast? 4%? or at to 7% by china and india? because we do not have a well- educated work force. that is the main impediment to growing more. if we want to grow like china and india, we will have to do more than just to employ more people. >> thank you very much for having me in this great city. i had a great time while i have been here. while economic growth is starting to slow, it is still very much the envy of the rest of the world.
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yesterday we reported on spending cuts in spain, the country is struggling under a mountain of debt. today it was determined it is going to balance its books. >> france tonight, learning the details of one of its toughest budgets and 30 years. ministers met to decide how to fix a large hole in the finances and reduce the deficit. the richest households and the biggest companies would bear most of the pain. >> this is a fighting budget to restore the country to health. this is fighting a debt. >> the budget will lead to savings of 30 billion euros next year. that is less than 2% of the economic output. public spending will be frozen. care will be higher taxes on
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those earning over $1 million. they will be taxed at 75%. he is a new media person and a millionaire and he believes the higher taxes will send a message that france is not open for business. >> the risk is not only that talent will leave the country but the young ones with talent will leave the country. >> this week has seen the paris motor show. hard selling in tough times. the french economy is stagnating and workers are being laid off. eight thousands at peugeot alone. some argue that if france is to grow again, it needs radical reform. >> in france, we must do everything for the future to have our industry competitive.
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beyond retreat -- restructuring, we have one of the highest. >> many of these workers face redundancy. the government says growth will return next year. others say the government has missed an opportunity to reduce state spending and make it easier to hire and fire workers. today's budget hearing reflects a deeper unresolved problem with the eurozone. as we have seen, other countries like spain and greece have been struggling to reduce spending even while their economies are weak or in recession. >> and other things europeans might envy in brazil, they have so much money in the government that response to the slowdown is a stimulus package that has been announced. in other news, ahead of britain posting a financial watchdog has announced a reform to the setting of libor, the benchmark interest rate.
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the review was commissioned after a fine was imposed on barclays for trying to rig the rate. now to nepal where a plane has crashed killing all 19 people on board. the aircraft caught fire within two minutes before taking off. it is the second fatal accident this year and once again the country's safety record is in the spotlight. >> a journey to the himalayas ending in tragedy. eyewitnesses say the plane was already on fire before it crashed. emergency markers put the flames out. but the damage was so intense that hopes of finding survivors faded. all 19 people on board were killed.
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the plane was flying from katmandu. it took off at 1/4 past 6:00 and after two minutes in the air it crashed about a kilometer from the airport. it is dark now and not easy make out parts of the aircraft. this is where it came down. in the distance, you can see the lights of the airport. you get a sense of how quickly all of this must have happened. the last few terrifying moments before the plane came down. this is the plane that set off this morning with this person on board. >> there is no real words of comfort for my daughter, for
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myself. we're hanging on to the facts that he died doing something he always wanted to do and we're trying very hard to take comfort. >> it is a trip thousands take every year. and mountaineers are surprised it crashed so close to the airport. among the victims was stephen holding, and raymond ego. his brother was also killed along with christopher davey. bits of twisted metal is all the remains. tonight it was announced that investigators would go to nepal to assist in determining what caused the crash. >> after months of speculation, china has drawn a line under its biggest scandal in decades. bo xilai has been expelled from the communist party.
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>> he was an exception. bo xilai, film to 15 years ago, when he was mayor. popular, charismatic, and at ease on camera. >> this is the biggest city in china but i hope to create the best. >> he became the commerce minister and one of the two dozen people who run china. but the communist party says all along he was corrupt. the news announced he will go on trial. it said he had abused his power, taking bribes and done serious damage to the image of china. the trigger for the downfall, the death in china last year of
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the british businessman neil ha yward. his wife was found guilty of murder and he is accused of trying to cover-up for crime. but not everybody believes the case is simple. one of the top forensic scientist told the bbc in her opinion there is no evidence he was poisoned with cyanide. >> there were no signs of cyanide. it would harm caused immediate debt. his skin should have patches. his blood should have been a bright red. >> whatever the truth, the party will install new leaders in november who will rule for the next decade. bo xilai will not be one of them. the communist party has been tainted by this scandal. it now wants to wrap it up. the prosecuting of bo xilai will
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raise more questions. how did he get away with so much for so long? and can the communist party really clean itself up? >> you are watching "bbc world new america," and still to come, from surfing to selling, a resident -- one resident is making a million-dollar business from his life at the beach. venezuela' s president is running for president. he still wants to extend his 14 year rule but this time he faces a candidate from the united opposition that was causing problems.
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>> reaping the benefits of hugo social rosa's -- revolution in the capital. using the oil revenue, the government subsidizes food and offers the country's poor health care and education. life has changed for everyone says the president came into power. there has been a complete turnaround. we're trying to do everything so it can continue like this. >> he enjoys a cult status among his supporters. a charismatic public speaker with a common touch, he comes off as a champion of the port. but his battle with cancer highlighted how much the success of the ruling socialist party relies on one man. >> were he to suffer ill health again, with no obvious
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successor, doubts could affect the collection. >> he is also facing competition from this man. the young lawyer says he will -- he is standing as a candidate for a coalition of 30 political parties. president chavez is loved by supporters and hated by opponents. his influence has spread beyond the borders but for the first time he is facing a real challenge of the ballot box. >> canyon and somali troops are fighting for control for the port city of kismayo. the government is expected to
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take the city soon but a spokesman says they are fighting back in defending themselves. our east africa correspondent now reports. >> of the kenyan military said its forces launched their attacks in the early hours of friday morning fighting alongside somali soldiers. they made advances on kismayo by land and sea. the spokesman said they had met no resistance. it appears to be confined to the oscars. residents have said they see no soldiers of advancing in said the city. last week, al-shabaab appeared to be making preparations for an exit. but it seems likely they will not relinquish kismayo without a fight. kismayo is the last urban stronghold. the port is a crucial issue -- a source of revenue for whoever controls it. losing it could be a blow to the islamists. but does not necessarily mean the end of a al-shabaab.
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much of the countryside is under their control. their fighters have withdrawn from towns and cities only to strike back with bombings, shootings, and tactics of asymmetric warfare. this looks like the beginning of the end for al-shabaab's control of urban somalia. the question is, what happens then? the challenge will be to reassure residents as well as juggle the interest of local militias and for the kenyan troops who look ready to take control of kismayo, that may prove to be harder than the capture of the city itself. >> we will come back very shortly but now brazil will cemented its place on the sporting stage when it hosts the world cup in 2014 and the olympics two years later. rio is already the most visited city in the southern hemisphere
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and one of its main attractions are in speeches. this resident knows them too well. .e has built a career he as been speaking to the bbc about it. ♪ >> it is like the place where surfing was born in brazil. i grew up here. i saw people surfing and i got the hook immediately. >> he became a professional surfer in the 1980's and later a journalist writing about the sport. sitting on the sand, something clicked. >> watching all around and i saw the people were very conservative. they were wearing conservative clothes. i thought that we were not wearing the proper clothes to
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reflect the environment. i had to put some color into it. i have to put some interesting prints into it. >> he brought fashion sensibility to the beach. the clothing brent became a hit as residents -- when it started. today it has 10 shops. the slogan, brazilian flavor. >> this is my favorite right now. i am in love with the sport. >> his apartment has the same casual style. he traveled to indonesia for surfing and began selling them to chain stores. >> i was designing some interesting prince and they would not buy them. they always wanted the little fish are the coconut tree or the sun. it became boring to me.
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they only chose conservative prince. i think that maybe i should try to start my own brand. so i opened my first store. rio is such an interesting culture. we do not have to hire marketing directors or agencies to see what is the new trend in what is going to happen. all you have to do is drw on your own experience in city. >> when you confined more on that story on our web site and the top news of the day, from us here in sao paulo, thank for watching this edition of "bbc
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world new america" live from sao paulo. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in to help provide capital for key strategic
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decisions. we offer expertise and tailor solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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